Statistics and Objectives


Since its launch in 2015, Red Umbrella Athens, the first sex worker empowerment centre in Greece, has received more than 5,500 visits and has offered 2,400 counselling sessions with a psychologist, 310 meetings with a lawyer, 290 meetings with a social worker, 1,700 HIV tests, 1,500 hepatitis C tests, 1,500 hepatitis B tests, 250 syphilis tests, 120,000 condoms and 1,200 safer use kits.

Our aim is the further enhancement of these services in Athens and Thessaloniki – with the recent launch of Red Umbrella Thess – but also to go one step further by providing training seminars in the community for professionals/service providers and psychology students, meetings with institutional stakeholders in order to promote our agenda, job-market integration projects, conducting research on stealthing (non-consensual condom removal during sex) and public awareness campaigns.